Lieu Ngan Parish Church

Nam Dinh – April 2021:

On a last day of March, QV Sound Company received a call from the Parish Priest of Lieu Ngan Parish Church, Father Toma Vu Van Dinh, asking for a consultant to design the sound system for the Parish.

Father Toma Vu Van Dinh said he had just been inaugurated as the new Parish Priest of the Lieu Ngan Parish and that one of the first things he wanted to do was installing a new sound system, because the current system is very low performance, conveying unclear spoken words, the design is not in harmony with the architecture of the Church.

The Parish Priest ordered that the system needs to be installed within the week, offers high quality sound, clear spoken words, uniform and natural choir singing, last but not least, the system should apply advanced technology and operates easily.

To meet that requirement most effectively, QV Sound engineering team has designed the sound system including: Cathedral speaker system AVE (German brand), beyerdynamic microphone (German brand), digital mixer table Allen-Heath (British brand) and Ashly amplifier (U.S. brand).

The main seating area was installed with 8 column speakers LIVE SM-15120, the Altar area and the Choir using 4 2-Way coaxial speakers Atlantic T-04LZ. To enhance the low-end, the system is equipped with an active subwoofer is-26a of VUE Audiotechnik (U.S. brand).

The sound system has been designed, installed and met the rigorous criteria of the Parish Priest. In particular, the sound system was completed just at the right time and put into services of the Holy Week.

Thank you for your professional work, dedication and congratulate QV Sound technical team.

Some pictures of Lieu Ngan Parish Church:  Click here to see picturesh

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