QV Sound – “Coronavirus Crisis” Open Letter

To all of our highly valued customers, employees, suppliers and friends:

What we have experienced over the last few months is that our society has been turned up-side-down. The business world is floundering and the government has taken radical and unprecedented steps to instill some stability in order for us to ride out the storm with hopefully reduced impact on all of our wellbeing.

Very shaky and uncertain times both socially and commercially but I believe the only option we really have, for those who are able, is to remain positive and strong and care for love ones and what really matters.

In QV Sound the health and wellbeing of our staff is always of the upmost importance as well as those who will be delivering goods, receiving goods and visiting our showroom. We take extra caution and monitor closely the up-to-date of the “coronavirus crisis” development.

We do receive some requests from dealers for products for those projects that are still ongoing and “homestay” customers. We continue try our very best to provide you the products, services and supports.

As this is a health crisis, it is by far the most important aspect of moving forward that we are all healthy when this comes to an end.

The MOST important priority again is the health of all our partners and we are willing to support you any of your needs in this most difficult time.

Stay healthy and let’s stay in touch.

Quoc Nguyen
Business Development Manager