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NAW Performance Audio is a dynamically developing company that has been providing professional audio solutions for a wide range of customers since 2006. Starting from small and medium-sized companies in the installation sector, through theaters, clubs, community centers, to sound reinforcement companies, bands and DJs – our offer is addressed to everyone who is looking for the highest quality sound.

Our team is a team of experienced engineers, designers and audio industry specialists who passionately create products that meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, excellent quality materials and extensive experience, we are able to provide equipment that will meet expectations at every stage of the project.


As a company with Polish roots, we are proud of our achievements on the domestic market, but at the same time we are determined to move towards international markets. That is why we created the FAVO brand. Our goal is to constantly improve products and services, thanks to which we will become a recognizable leader in the Pro Audio industry on the international market.

Our vision of the future is a company that:

  1. It supports the development of the Polish economy and promotes the local industry, creating new jobs and engaging in projects aimed at improving the quality in the Pro Audio industry
  2. It strengthens its position on foreign markets by offering the highest quality products that are appreciated by both professionals and amateurs
  3. It focuses on innovation and researches new technologies that can affect the development of the audio industry, so as to always be one step ahead of the competition
  4. It cooperates with the best brands from around the world, expanding its offer and providing customers with the most advanced solutions
  5. He builds lasting relationships with clients, based on mutual trust and satisfaction.

At NAW Performance Audio, we are constantly evolving and striving to achieve these goals. We believe that thanks to our commitment, passion and vision of the future, we will be able to successfully face the challenges facing the audio industry. Our determination, knowledge and openness to customer needs will allow us to develop consistently, gaining more and more recognition on the international arena.

As our company grows, we also want to invest in education and support future generations of audio professionals. By organizing workshops, trainings and cooperation with universities and industry institutions, we want to contribute to improving professional competences and spreading knowledge about audio technologies in Poland and in the world.

We are confident that our long-term vision and commitment to working with customers, partners and the community will result in success and a positive impact on the future of the audio industry. Together, we are changing the face of sound, creating new standards and unforgettable listening experiences for audiences around the world.

At NAW Performance Audio, together with you, step by step, we are moving towards a future full of perfect sound, constant development and joint success. Join us and together let’s discover new horizons in the world of professional sound. 

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