VUE Audiotechnik

VUE Audiotechnik was formed by some of the most professional audio experts in the industry. At VUE Audiotechnik, this Team unites with a firm commitment to relationships, and an unflinching focus on innovation through technology and fresh thinking.

VUE Team members are committed to improving every aspect of loudspeaker design, and the Team does not afraid to think “outside the box” to achieve a better result. By pushing beyond the status quo, the Team is delivering countless world-class musical performances, and offering absolute creative freedom to the partners. In doing so, VUE Team is changing audio industry – forever.

The VUE core technologies includes: Continuous Source Topology (CST™), Beryllium Acoustic Properties & Performance, Active Compliance Management (ACM), Isobaric Subwoofer Design and VUE Point Beam Steering.

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