Voice Acoustic

Only what touches us emotionally, leaves an unforgettable memory!

Loudspeakers are used to transport a feeling: The spoken word with a message, music in all its facets, an artist who wants to entertain, an orator who wants to be heard.

To deliver these feelings without any loss of impact, the people at Voice-Acoustic develop and build professional speaker systems of excellent quality and everything is made in Germany.

We have achieved the goal of offering speakers which achieve the highest sound quality requirements to cover a wide range of user event situations. High quality products guarantee longevity and incur little depreciation. It follows that our speakers are a secure investment for the future.

Voice Acoustic PA systems speakers transmit and reproduce the natural sound completely unchanged.

All our products are compatible with each other and can be combined for economical operation.
Close contact with the end-user, plus expert service is our first priority.

We suggest detailed discussion and counselling before a purchase, and, after the sale we regard service, support and constant contact an important aspect. We do not differentiate between small and large customers. We want every customer, regardless of size, to be satisfied, and as such, everyone enjoys the same Voice Acoustic service.

In the future we will expand our range with proven products which can be integrated seamlessly into our systems. Diligent communication and an open ear for the aspirations and thoughts of our partners gives us valuable input into what sound solutions are needed.

Our long-term practical experience is incorporated into every product and results in detailed solutions improving handling, and more so, the sound quality in our current and future systems.

Passion, Motivation, Perfection and your Success is our motto.

Success through quality

QV Sound Co., Ltd.
Voice-Acoustic Master Distributor in Viet Nam

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